10 Creative and Popular Wall Hook Designs

wall hook design

In today’s post, we will talk a little something about wall hooks and present the top 10 such designs that are not just visually appealing but handy too. Wall hooks are objects of immense utility that are used not just for hanging objects but also lend style and elegance to your living spaces.

Homes that have limited storage places can benefit a lot from wall hooks that can solve cluttering problems to some extent. Lets take a look at the top wall hook designs that will make you want these at the earliest!

1. Creative brush wall hook

Creative brush

The wall hook fixed resembles a painting brush and is very unique in appearance. One can hang various kinds of things like coats, hats and other such items neatly without cluttering the house.

The work of the designer is such eye grabbing that one cannot help but utilize their old painting brushes and repurpose these to be used as wall hooks.


2. Creative branch wall hook design

Creative branch

Walls can be used for storing where one can hang a variety of accessories from smart looking wall hooks that look unique and lend style.

Seen here is a cool branch styled wall hook in grey and green colors that can be used for hanging coats and blazers. The style of the wall hook is in the shape of a tree branch and this is what makes it different.

3. Cool dart designed wall hooks

Cool dart design

If you wish to make your wall serve some need and at the same time want to make it look stylish, you can fix wall hooks that are designed in the shape of darts. Yes, the hooks in the picture look stunning and resemble darts made of steel. These are used to hang a variety of things and can solve cluttering problems to a large extent.

4. Wacky Shuriken styled wall hook design

Wacky Shuriken styled

The Shurikens are weapons used by Ninjas and it seems the owner of this house has a fancy for these warriors and the cool weapons used by them. That is why he has incorporated the look on the wall with shuriken styled wall hooks that are a perfect tool to hang your coats, scarves and other such accessories.

Your guests can now leave their stuff hanging on these creative hooks and will have loads of appreciation for these amazingly designed hooks when they leave!

5. Sporty wall hook design

Sporty wall

Walls can get a total makeover with sporty themed wall murals and hooks as we can see in the image below. The hooks look very sporty and are shaped in the form of a football, basketball and a rugby ball that match quite nicely with the beige golden wall art. This design suits such homes resided by young boys who are crazy about such manly sports.

6. Gorgeous dropit wall hook design

Gorgeous dropit

Dropit hooks look gorgeous and are in vogue these days as many designers are thinking of ways and means to improvise this awesome design.

The picture below shows how a wall can get modified with black dropit hooks fitted. The design is called drop it as it is shaped in the form of water drops. The drops are made of wood and create a bold style statement.

7. Creative coffee cup wall hook design

coffee cup wall

The set of seven coffee cup styled wall hooks look quite creative and add style to the wall. One can use imagination when thinking of using wall hooks as these are not just used for serving useful purposes but are also used to beautify walls that otherwise would look plain and bland.

The white colored coffee cups match well with the textured wall in the background.

8. Graphic finger wall hook design

Graphic finger hook

How would you feel if there was a video game inspired finger poking right through your bedroom wall? Well, it would feel funny and am sure you guys would love having such a wall hook fitted from where you would hang your sweatshirts and other stuff and create a cool look for your room.

The white finger hook bordered in black looks good and very creative against a white painted wall.

9. Illuminated wall hook design

Illuminated wall hook

One word that pops into my mind when looking at these buttoned wall hooks is “futuristic’. Yes, the illuminated buttons fitted on the wall are hooks that look simply awesome and suit the decor of this home.

Apart from hanging your things, these hooks can be used to show you the way when it gets dark since these are inbuilt with tiny bulbs that light up the moment you switch on the button!

10. Eclectic stone towel wall hook design

Eclectic stone hook wall

Stone wall hooks look stunning, especially when fitted on bathroom walls. The wall hook seen in the image is a very cool looking design that is not just good in appearance but is used for hanging towels and other bathroom apparels. The big smooth surfaced stones are attached with small wooden blocks or chips and are quite durable too.

From creative glowing buttoned hooks, ornamental forks, stones to sportsmen designs, wall hooks come in a plethora of shapes and themes. These can change a dull looking wall to appear more appealing. Moreover, such hooks by themselves act as decorative pieces that have practical utility too. Choose any one out of the ten and see how your home becomes the talk of the town!

7+ Simple Homemade Cat Toys Ideas for Your Furry Friend

Hello fellow cat lover, having a cat in our house is very nice and comforting. Cats can be very cheerful and bring a lot of happy moods to us as their owner or family, especially when playing with them. As a good and loving owner, we need to be creative with utilizing any kind of things to be used when creating homemade cat toys for our beloved cat.

Lots of game can be played together with our cat, like“hide and seek”, chase your cat, rolling a ball and other else. But sometimes they can be bored with the same game every day, therefore a cat toys definitely needed among those times.

This time, we will provide you with a few ideas about what kind of toys for your cats and how to make it easily without costing you too much money. We also choose materials that are safe to use for your cat. But make sure to pay attention that some materials are small and can be swallowed by your cat and may harm them.

These ideas we present are based on our experience with our beloved cat, make sure to create a variety of homemade cat toys so your cat will not be easily bored when playing. Here they are:

1. Paper Bag Surprise

Paper Bag surprise

To create this homemade cat toy, you’ll need a large paper bag that fit for your cat body, cat delicious’ treats, and small balls. Next, fill the paper bag with any small things such as balls or used cloth button and delicious treats for your cat.

This homemade toy is easy to be played. Just shake the paper bag in front of your cat to make some sound. Then, put it in front of your cat and let it enter the paper bag to find a delicious treat inside.


It is a good way to give nice treats to your furry lively buddy.

Cat loves to enter a mysterious place like the paper bag, so it is fun for the cat.

Easy to make, if there is no paper bag you can use a plastic bag.

The paper bag can also be used for sleeping places of the cat.


The thing inside the paper bag may scatter all over the house when your cat plays inside it.

Paper bag is easy to break, so each time you want to play you need to replace them.

2. Cat Fishing Rod

cat fishing rod

Now, another simple homemade cat toy to make. This time, you’ll need a stick for about 50 to 60 centimeters, some feathers, and some ropes for about 30 to 40 centimeters. Tie the ropes on the stick and tie the feathers on the other end of the ropes.

Next, hold the stick in your hand high enough so when the feathers fall it is about the height of your cat. Then, wiggle the stick so the feather moves around randomly. Let your cat try to catch the feathers. sometimes pull your stick high enough so your cat will jump to catch the feathers.


Easy to make.

Materials easy to get, you can change the feathers with any other thing like a piece of cloth.

Very easy and fun to play with your cat.


The cat may be tangled with the rope when playing.

You need to change the feather or cloth regularly because after some time it may tear to pieces by your cat claw or bites.

3. Feather Stick

Feather Stick

You need to prepare a stick for about 50 to 60 centimeters, some feathers or short ropes. Then, just tie the feathers or rope at the end of the stick. Now, you’re ready to play with your cat.

Hold the sticks in your hand so the other end falls above the cat’s head. Wiggle and move around the stick in front of your cat. Your cat will be attracted by the movements of the feather or rope and chase it cheerfully.


Super easy to make.

There are lots of materials to use besides using feathers such as ropes, a piece of cloth or even a piece of paper.

This homemade cat toy is very fun to play.


If you use a low durability material such as a piece of paper, it will easily break into pieces when scratches by your cat.

You may accidentally slap your cat with the stick if you recklessly moving around the stick.

4. Paper Ball

paper ball

This is maybe the easiest homemade toy to make. You only need a piece of paper! To create this toy, just roll your piece of paper into a shape of a ball and seal it with a rubber band so the ball shape will not easily break. You can use other materials such as a piece of clothes.

To play the toy you must roll the paper ball or throw it near your cat. The cat will be attracted to the ball movements and chase it. The ball will keep rolling away when touched by the cat.


Cheap and easy to use, you can even use a scrap of paper, not the new one.

Easy to play.

This toy is good for your cat health because the cat will chase it all around the house wherever the paper ball rolls.


– It can be easily rolled under your desk or bed and complicate the cat to pick the ball.
– Make sure to use safe and non-poisonous materials, because your cat will eventually chew the paper ball to play with it.
– Scrap materials can be broken easily when chewed by your cat.

5. Cat Cardboard House

Paper Bag ideas

Cats love to crawl inside a cardboard box. Therefore, this homemade toy idea is definitely going to get your cat attention. What you need are a cardboard box, a box cutter, and paper scrap. Next, you can place the cardboard on the floor, cut some holes on the cardboard sides, and fill the cardboard with scrap papers.

To play it, you can just place the cardboard on the floor near your cat. The cat will be interested with the cardboard and eventually enter the holes on the cardboard. Let your cat play with the scrap paper inside.


Easy to gather materials needed, you can use a scissor or kitchen knife to make holes on the cardboard.

More than one cat can play together with the cardboard.

It can also be used as sleeping or hiding place for your cat.


It may take some spaces in your room.

Your cat may bring any other thing into the cardboard such as garbage or even dead animal like a bird. Just make sure to check the cardboard regularly for any strange objects.

6. Funny Snake

funny snake

You will need 3 or 4 used bathroom tissue tubes, some rope or string for about 40 to 60 centimeters, and brads or staple. To make the toy, simply connect each tubes end using a staple or brads. Next, line the ropes through inside the tube and tie it on each end of the snake tube. You can paint the tubes with any color to make it appealing.

To play with this homemade cat toy is really easy. Just pull the ropes in front your cat to get its attention. Eventually, your cat will chase the snake tubes.


Using a simple material that easies to get.

Easy to make.

It can also be used as decoration.


If the connection on each tube is weak, it may break easily.

Make sure the connection between the materials is strong because when it broke your cat may eat the small staple.

Bathroom tissue tubes are not durable, so make sure to change it into a new one when it got shred.

7. Knotted Chord

Knotted Chord idea

You will only need a rope for about 1 meters long. Next, make some knots in one end of the ropes. Then, make lots of knots so it will look bulky.

This homemade toy is really easy to play. You can just place the knotted end of the ropes in front of the cat, wiggle, and pull the rope randomly. You can wait for your cat to be attracted with the ropes and then move the rope around so your cat chases it cheerfully.


Super easy material needed just one rope.

Super easy to make.

Super fun to play.


The ropes may get shred by the cat.

Above are all the ideas we can give to you to make homemade cat toys easily without cost you too much money. Toys are fun for the cat but do not forget the most important thing for the cats are the caring loves that you give. It is useless if the cat has a lot of toys but you do not give the proper love they needed.